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What is Housekeeping in Hotel and Importance of Housekeeping software?

by admin

With modern-day technologies and innovations, it is hard to imagine any organization running without any software. Hotel Businesses have been using PMS technology to improve their daily operations and automation for the last three decades. A hotel consists of many departments with Front Desk, Housekeeping, Food Production, and Food & Beverage forming the fundamentals of their daily operations. In this blog, we are going to study about Housekeeping and its importance of Housekeeping software in the establishment.

Housekeeping In Hotel Industry

The main aim of the Hotel industry is to prepare a perfect environment for guests so they can feel privileged to be inside an organization. This responsibility of preparing, cleaning, and maintaining the highest standards in guest rooms, public areas, and all other parts of the Hotel Organisation is kept with the Housekeeping Department only.

The hotel earns its major revenue by selling rooms and it is Housekeeping which is indirectly the main factor that enhances its business profitability. So more often Housekeeping is considered as the backbone of the Hotel Businesses. Guest Room Cleaning, Public places maintenance, Laundry, Tailoring, Flower arrangements, lost and found, linen room, and Gardens are generally form the core of Housekeeping. Although most Hotels have specific responsibilities still their main function revolves around maintaining the highest cleaning standards in the organization.

Importance Of Housekeeping Software

A well-maintained Software can smooth daily operations of the Housekeeping department. Here is the main Importance of Housekeeping Software in the Hotel Industry.

Importance Of Housekeeping Software - MHL

Automation:- With software, many of the Housekeeping functions are automated and allows each step of the department process to be more organized. You can make daily schedules, operate each section of the organization, manage and plan for events, human resources, and use of the software for each functionality. The software also allows you to plan for financial activities on a periodical basis with weekly, monthly, and annual budgets. Allocate budgets to each section of the Housekeeping departments and maintain their right usage among the employees.

Room Cleaning and Management:- One of the main roles of Housekeeping is to prepare guest rooms and pass on this information to the Front office for selling and allotting these to the next upcoming guest. As old guest leaves the hotel and checkout, Front office declares these rooms to be dirty in their software’s, where housekeeping staff gets this information to prepare the room for next guest arrivals as soon as possible. This inter-departmental process is automated with the use of a Housekeeping software that offers an easy allocation of room status to each department respectively.

Enhances Transparency:- With each activity of the Housekeeping department being put on the software. This enhances the whole departmental transparency among supervisors, managers, administrators, and owners. All the activities performed by individuals provide a glimpse of their role and responsibilities in the hotel industry. Supervisions and administration use this to allocate work & responsibilities to their subordinate staff in keeping the qualitative nature of the organization intact.

Staff Management:- With software administrators and supervisors can make precise staff management for any small, medium, or large hotel organization. The software allows the most efficient use of human resources in a Hotel establishment for their work performance, allot them responsibility, and keep track of their roles in daily operations. Their personal information, work experience, hierarchal system, roles, and responsibilities for each staff and their payroll are kept with precise guidelines.

Inventory or material Management:- Another important feature of Housekeeping software lies in inventory management. All small, medium or larger items require proficient storage and usage in the Hotel industry. Here are some of the features of this material management

    • Maintain a proficient stock of the items required in the organization
    • Track the quantities of each item for their efficient use in the organization
    • Regulate the software to create a notification for minimum stock values
    • Purchase orders for stocks on a regular basis to keep the optimum stock quantities
    • Vendor profile management
    • Optimum Storage management by avoiding minimum and maximum stock values

A Housekeeping Software should be customized as such to keep business activities profitable in every aspect. This automated software eases the burden of organizations to make theoretical records of every activity by keeping histories of all guest’s profile, their activities, and taking their feedback to further improve on their services.

MyHotelLine> is one complete Hotel PMS Software with cloud-based features for running a Hotel business more efficiently. Our Housekeeping modules are built to perfectly handle all day-to-day operations for Hotels to run their business efficiently.

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