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How PMS is used for Building Effective Marketing Strategies?

by admin

Hotel Property Management System (PMS) has now become a significant part of the Hospitality industry. It eases numerous organization processes and automates them to make them proficient. All guest booking and their contact information are available in the backend. These data are often analyzed on various metrics to offer you rich insights into Guest location, spending patterns, use of services, and many more that are subsequently used, How PMS build marketing strategies for the organization.

Here are some ways by which one can utilize the data accumulated from hotel PMS to their effective use.

When Guest book the room and checks-in in the Hotel or establishment. A lot of information about their age, gender, travel purpose, contact number, and their spending pattern are automatically recorded in the PMS software. These metrics are then analyzed to find specific patterns and distribution for marketing purposes. Booking Data of guests often doesn’t contain any private or secure credentials. Even front office executives inform the guests about various offers and discounts they might have received in their Email from the organization.

Emails of Guest lists can be used to further manage promotion from Hotel ends. Sending them regular offers, special discounts, assign them membership and loyalty programs to gain their confidence in your organization. You can target families with images of children enjoying inside pools, rides, and enjoying the special kid zone on your premises. For couples you can target them with images of shopping, relaxing under the sun near the pool, wine tastings, and beach sceneries.

Taking Advantage of Peak Periods

Usually, Guests have very specific patterns for traveling during the peak periods. You can check the increase in room occupancy from a particular region offering significant insights that Hotel administrations can use to positive effect. Marketing plans are customized to target these travelers, groups, and organizations from that specific region to attract new clientele to the Hotel.

Location:¬†pattern helps businesses to focus on choosing the right form of marketing whether digital or print in the local like a large billboard for the resort’s Spa. You can build an online website and connect with OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) and GDS (Global Distribution System) for targeting country-specific guests.

Taking Advantage of Peak Session

Guest Spending pattern gives insights into the way services are used within the organization. For instance the use of Spa and boutique. Length of the stay and expenses incurred also separates Loyal Guests from occasional ones. Loyal guests are often given special treatments with membership, loyalty awards, and complimentary services to make them feel more valued to the organization.

These metrics can also be used for specific targeting with digital marketing. Most of the global companies use search and display marketing to grow their business more proficiently. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have millions of users that can also be targeted to get more bookings for your hotel rooms.
Hotels and other establishments are now aware of this valuable information gained from PMS. New marketing policies are now built using this historical data and gain more profits respectively.


PMS is now an integral part of the Hospitality industry offering a lot of refined data and analysis for administration & owners. These insights allow them to take a more data-driven approach to the market and increase business profits.

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