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How can MHL software systems boost your business after COVID-19 Pandemic?

by admin

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost mishappening, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having an adverse effect on the global economy but the truth is the pandemic is temporary and shall definitely pass. Thus, we should continue to plan for the future, as well as take steps to reduce long-term damage from coronavirus while driving the faster recovery of the losses.
The hospitality business leaders are already aware of the hotel property management systems and their needs for day to day operations. The systems help to make almost every aspect of hotel operations easier and more efficient as they are automating different parts of the management process and make it simpler. Proper integration of the PMS can help to provide a one-stop solution where the various departments of the hotel’s system can connect, be it Front desk, housekeeping, Point of Sales, Accounts & Back office, and channel managers.

Enhance Revenue & Brand Loyalty

Hotels are all about services and how they are creating a better and better experience for their guests, starting from the time a guest makes a reservation to the hotel and then, of course, comes the revenue part. By automating your hospitality solutions with PMS, you can:

    • Track customer behavior, which helps in customer retention.
    • Store data & information in the PMS that let you know when that customer books another room with you in the future in order to provide the personalized service.
    • People are often willing to pay a bit more if they have a personalized experience, hence enhanced revenue.
    • Cost-effectiveness

With everything centrally manageable as well as automated, it can help to reduce cost and redundancy. All property types including large chain hotels to small and mid-size properties will get the benefit of such hospitality solutions.

Channel Manager Integration

As an integrated one-stop hospitality solution provider, the MHL system offers two-way integration with the Channel manager which plays an important role in building links between the hotel’s booking channels and the PMS and revenue management system.
Channel managers will update the rates and the room availability in real-time across all of the channels where you list rooms. You can manage & update your room inventory in real-time, automatically across all of these channels. This is efficient as well as automated which mitigates the errors, related to overbooking, change rates, and more. It also allows instant exchange of information between your hotel and different channels in real-time. The advantage of using a channel manager, it updates your inventory from time to time. If your client book five rooms through online travel agencies, your hotel’s system will update that information automatically. The entire process makes the operations smooth, despite the scalability.

Integration with Web-Booking Engine

Integration with Web-Booking Engine - MHL

MHL software system provides the ability to integrate a web-booking engine to your hotel website easily. It will connect with the other channels, in order to take direct bookings without the interference of other channels.
If you think this way, the online travel agencies help to increase the number of bookings that you have, but they take a percentage of each of the people who book through their site. This means that you are losing out on money with each guest that books through them. So, going forward you should have your own personalized booking engine.

Integration with back-office and accounting.

The right hotel solution lets you leverage the power of back-office and helps you better manage your accounting. In MHL systems, your hotels can effectively take care of accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and general ledger.

MHL Has the Features You Need!!

MHL PMS has been designed specially to fit the requirement of all property types and highly customizable that can make a big difference in how well your hotel is running.
We provide a holistic solution that includes a web-booking feature that you can integrate, along with housekeeping features, PoS, channel managers, and even mobile capabilities.
Through advanced reporting and analytical capabilities, Performance reporting is available anytime anywhere.
If you haven’t chosen software like these yet, you are missing out on something important which can make your work easier and more efficient and paperless. It is simple to use, easy to integrate, and can make a big difference in your operational cost and revenue.

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