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Why MyHotelLine is the Best Restaurant POS Software?

by admin

Restaurants are a significant part of the Food and Beverage Industry. With globalization and development, every international cuisine is now available in a local restaurant. Point of Sale Software is used by almost every restaurant to help them manage and control operational activities. MyHotelLine is one effective Restaurant POS Software that offers incredible functionalities to help modern restaurant redefine their capabilities.

Today we can see different types of restaurants opening up to meet the market demand offering high-quality food. Fast food joints, Cafe’s, Ice Cream Parlour, Food Court, Pub & Bar, Quick Service, Sweet Shop, Fine Dining, Clubs, Kiosks, and many more. They all require Point of Sale (POS) software to handle their multiple activities on a day-to-day basis.

A modern-day restaurant offers more than food and beverages; they provide guests with preferential treatments to feel privileged during their stay on the premises. MyHotelLine is an accomplished Restaurant POS with unmatchable features to help you prepare better in every aspect.

Here are the 12 main features that make MyHotelLine the right choice for your restaurant POS software


      • Digitized Menu
      • Loyalty Guest Management
      • Real-time Inventories
      • Ease of Billing
      • Order Customisation with Item Modifiers
      • Customized KOT
      • Kiosk Mode
      • Shift and Cash Management
      • Multi Restaurant Compatibility
      • Proficient Tracking
      • Setting Up / Deployment
      • Accessibility

Digitized Menu

In this electronic age, MyHotelLine allows a restaurant to build sophisticated menus based on culinary classification, vegetarian dishes, Non-Vegetarians, Ethnicity, and any specialty along with complete courses. The ease of crafting multiple menus and direct communication with the kitchen provides more personalized services to Guests too.

Restaurant Digital Menu MHL

Loyalty Programs

Assign high spending guests to your loyalty management and offer them a reward to keep them enjoying your restaurant for as long as possible. Use sales and discounts to attract new customers into your restaurant loyalty group to build a brand for your organization. This POS is also integrated with the PMS system for hotels and other establishments in tracking the Guest spending within premises.

Real-time inventories

MyHotelLine also has dedicated inventory management for restaurant POS. Administrators can check the status of ingredients at any time and check the efficient use of items for controlling pilferage and wastage altogether. Get a notification for ordering raw materials and save the recipes with ingredients to get complete control of making the inventory system more proficient in every aspect.

Ease of Billing

MyHotelLine POS can be connected with all online payments, cards, and cash billing to help guests with swift solutions. You can also use the facility of splitting large bills into different customers or let them choose as per preference in keeping them satisfied in every aspect. All billing features can be customized to meet the restaurant’s needs for recipes, ingredients, and menu planning too.

Order Customisation with Item modifiers

With MyHotelLine Restaurant POS Software you get an excellent customized order process. Change the item modifier in the digitized menu to give more options for your guest enjoyment. Android Kitchen Display system customers provide connectivity directly to the Kitchen personnel and can give direct orders through display devices to kitchen personnel. This Order Display System (ODS) is connected with the respective Food & Beverage and Kitchen departments to share the right information for food production and serving respectively.

Order Display System (ODS) - MHL

Customized KOT

This Restaurant POS also has the capability to build customized KOT to match guest special orders and get the right billing configurations systematically. This allows the staff to manage different circumstances effectively and make proper billing for every expense incurred through their counter. This Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) is often connected with integrated Kitchen and Service departments both to manage things accordingly.

Kiosk Mode

With this special feature, you can simply give all the functionalities to a separate small unit to enhance your restaurant business. Just with a simple screen and processor, a second billing counter will provide parallel services for your restaurant. Scaling business with MyHotelLine is quite easy and provides the right backend infrastructure to make things simpler.

Shift and Cash Management

You can also record all your daily earning and expenditures with pinpoint accuracy and allows you to generate insights for building effective reports on finances too. Easily manage multiple shifts from one attendant to the next one with a dedicated module to organize things better. Administrators and owners can log in via their credentials to know the status of each shift and revenue the restaurant is generating to optimize things accordingly.

Multi Restaurant Compatibility

With its ability to handle multiple restaurants with ease, MyHotelLine is also preferred for numerous restaurant chains for helping owners, administrators & managers to evaluate performance for each of them to manage operations seamlessly. You can also assign specific tasks, order low inventories, and give notification to concerned employees from any location to keep optimum performance.

Proficient Tracking

MyHotelLine POS also has a state of the art tracking system integrated with Google maps to track their shipment and driver’s movements. Automatic alerts, Customer history, and loyalty points are available with an interactive dashboard. Simplified design and Interface makes it easy for everyone to manage any activity inside the Restaurant POS Software.

Setting Up / Deployment

MyHotelLine Restaurant POS is lightweight and can start functioning within minutes to keep up the pace with multiple device accessibility to a desktop screen, tablet, mobile, or any handheld device. Support is also available 24×7 to help businesses overcome real-time issues and troubleshoots.


MyHotelLine offers Cloud-based Restaurant Management Software with accessibility to manage things from anywhere & anytime with a device and an internet connection. Administrator Managers and Owners can log in from any remote location to check the current status for completed orders, in-process and several guests visiting the restaurant. They can assign special instructions and keep things managed from any location easily.

These POS software and machines are the fundamental need of a modern restaurant. As they provide the right structure for administrators and owners in managing day-to-day tasks efficiently. MyHotelLine POS is one complete Restaurant packed with unmatchable features, integrated with hotel PMS and offers a seamless experience to streamline your daily activities. For any more inquiry related demo, charges and questions get connected to our relationship experts now!

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