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Features to consider when selecting POS for Pub & Bar

by admin

Your pub and bar need a point of sales (POS) software that is not just built for ease but speed too. It should be intuitive and have the scalability to customize the features as and when required. A smart POS can help you streamline bar management, increase the effectiveness of operations, and amplify profits. More importantly, a smart bar POS maximizes your breweries’ operational efficiency and enables your staff to offer superb services that add to customers’ experience, leading to better control over everything.

Also gone are the days of the traditional POS system, which have been largely replaced with a mobile POS system. They connect wirelessly to your current hardware and configure with your existing software and can run on all the devices – for Windows PCs, Android. They are less expensive. Example: To run software on your smartphone or tab will definitely cost a few bucks, whereas a POS system can cause thousands.

If you are looking out for an efficient POS for your pub and bar, don’t forget to look out for some essential features and robust integrations, including Bar and Liquor Inventory Management

POS for Pub & Bar - MHL

Liquor cost is one of the biggest expenses for pubs and restaurants. This calls for greater control over and constant improvement. You need a robust automatic point of sales system that can not only set a baseline for the current liquor inventory but also set up a borderline for the costs and quantities to give a fair idea about the overall consumption. It should be able to help you track the inventory items and set low-level notifications for re-ordering. Additionally, look out for advanced features, including detailed drink recipes, and create modifier sets. Some smart POSs also split an inventory item, like a bottle of wine, into 4 servings. Opt for the pub and bar POS that fits your requirements and commits to delivering amazing value.

Check Splitting:-

Many guests who come in groups demand to split the check. Don’t overlook this as a requirement that seldom occurs. Lack of intelligent splitting can ruin your guest’s experience. But don’t worry. A good bar POS enables easy check splitting for guests and also helps you to adjust tips at a few clicks, putting an end to all the related hassles. You can also offer your customer to pay separately for food and drinks.

Preauthorization of Credit & Debit Cards

Look out for preauthorization that allows your bartenders to swipe guests’ debit or credit cards, securely saving the guests’ details on the payment machine. This eliminates the risk of unpaid bills and also reduces time and effort.

Menu Management for Drinks and Happy Hours:-

‘Happy Hours’ is a way to attract more and more customers and certainly a sure shot way to promote and uplift pub and bar sales. Think of buying a bar POS that offers high scalability in sync with your menu. It should be able to keep up with the menu changes, additions, deletions as well as seasonal brew items. Additionally, it should let you facilitate happy hours offers, limited-time sales promotions, special events deals, etc.

Cloud-based POS

Your staff needs to be present at your pub and bar, however, there should be no such limitation for you. You need a bar POS that offer the convenience to manage your bar’s operations from anywhere, anytime. A Cloud-based POS Software lets you carry out multiple functions – add products or revise inventory remotely, watch bar’s operations on your phone, tab or computer, check sales and export reports for payroll, taxes, and accounting, etc.

Performance Measurement:-

You should also be able to keep a watch on your staff’s performance. Nowadays, some POS also offers to view the table turnover time taken by each waiter. Track the items sold, tables served, and more by your order taking a staff.

Technical Support:-

An important feature that is usually overlooked during the decision-making process is technical support. A good POS will serve as an integral part of your pub and bar operations. This makes it important that you keep it up and running. Look out for a POS that offers 24×7 technical support and ensures 100% uptime of the software.


A well-informed decision goes a long way. Therefore, ask for all the above-mentioned features during your buying process and ensure success for your bar operations.

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