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What is Property Management Software? Benefits of MyHotelLine PMS.

by admin

There was a time when property owners used paper, pen, and spreadsheets to manage their activities. Now with modern revolution Property managers use sophisticated Property Management systems to manage the operations of an organization. This Hotel PMS can easily be customized to match business needs specifically. First of all, let’s start with a simple definition.

Property Management Software may be defined as an automated application built to serve organization purpose efficiently. These systems facilitate the management of properties by coordinating multiple departmental activities, inventories, finances, reports, budgeting, taking in reservations, POS, and scheduling using single dashboard software.

These modern Cloud-based Hotel Property Management System are highly advanced and share real-time information on their dashboards for accessibility. Property Management Systems are integrated with Global Distribution System (GDS), Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and all other portals to take reservations, manage guest booking, and process payments too.

MyHotelLine is an all-in-one complete Solution of Hospitality Technology product that has a Hotel PMS, Front desk, Housekeeping, Inventory Management, Restaurant POS, F&B Costing, Loyalty, Banquet, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and MPOS features to keep an organization running at an optimum pace. MyHotelLine software is now globally available with properties ranging from Hotels, Motels, Guest House, Hostel, Lodge, Bed & Breakfast, Resorts, Vacation rentals, and Camp Ground, etc. While Restaurant POS can work standalone in Coffee houses, Food Courts, Fine Dine, Ice Cream parlor, Pubs & Bar, Sweet Shop or any other Food & Beverage serving establishment.

Products and Features of MyHotelLine PMS

MyHotelLine is Comprehensive Software covering all needs of an organization. Here are the important product of MyHotelLine and their respective features.

Products and Features of MyHotelLine PMS - MHL

Hotel Property Management System:- MyHotelLine Hotel PMS will easily integrate with your small, medium, or large hotel to offer its impeccable features for running the organization efficiently. The centralized integrated reservation system, easy to understand GUI, Booking engine, SMS alerts, Self Check-Ins, Kiosk applications, digitized menus, Guest management, and real-time availability of rooms are some of the best features of this product. This PMS offers high performance, efficiency, and maximizes revenue to make your businesses more profitable in every aspect.

Front desk:- MyHotelLine offers a single-window based dashboard screen to the front desk with real-time information. The main features of our front desk module include seamless reservations, Guest Check-ins, room management, amenities master, pricing management, packages information, and regular configuration to manage departmental activities proficiently. PMS allows Inter departmental connectivity that plays a major role in managing day-to-day tasks with higher performance.

Housekeeping:- One of the most important features of MyHotelLine backend management is the Housekeeping module. Revenue generation from rooms is the major source of income. And Housekeeping is responsible to prepare, clean, and present the rooms aesthetically to the guests. They pass on the information to the front desk for preparing rooms based on the requirements and keep businesses running profitably. Our Housekeeping module has numerous in-built features to manage their department proficiently.

Restaurant POS:- MyHotelLine Restaurant POS is built to serve the modern needs of a restaurant effectively by automating the whole process. Food delivery management, access kitchen system from your smartphone’s, create versatile menus, and access the information anytime with a cloud-based platform. Guests can also split bills between multiple individuals, customize orders with modifiers, and keep track of their history too. Building reports for the restaurants, finding insights and real-time inventory makes POS an important part of the restaurant in today’s world. They can also act as kiosk mode, apply happy hour rates, and manage all forms of payment with cash, credit as well as cheque clearance. These POS are used extensively in large Hotels where multiple points are used for revenue generation. For example Room Service, Take Away, Dine-In, etc.

Material or Inventory Management:- Inventory management is considered as the backbone for a large establishment like Hotels where thousands of small items are used regularly. MyHotelLine has the compact module for Material Management with item master, inventory location, store configuration, vendor management, Purchase Order management, item receipt, item issue, and item adjustment as its main functions.

F&B Costing:- Food and Beverage are a major source of revenue for a Hotel and even can run standalone small businesses for profits. MyHotelLine F&B costing modules is built to manage the cost so recipes, building budgets, costing of ingredients, KOT, and track all other forms of sale transactions precisely. These precise calculations help managers and owners to build prices for the dishes, recording daily sales, draft budgets, and run a successful business effectively.

Guest Management, Loyalty & Rewards:- MyHotelLine also has inbuilt Guest management features to track their profile, check-ins, checkouts, billing, and keeping their stay in the establishment hassle-free. MyHotelLine also has a special loyalty program to have a point and reward system based on guest expenses. So whenever Guest visits again these points are added to their profile and rewarded to offer them surprise discounts.

Banquet and Events Booking:- Schedule multiple events and book them as per the exact space & requirements with the use of MyHotelLine special Banquet reservations. Social gatherings, private parties, exhibitions, receptions, wedding party and all other forms of events are held in advance to meet the arrangements. Our Cloud-based solutions will provide you with direct booking with real-time data sharing from multiple channels to have a satisfying experience always.

Booking Engine:- With this MyHotelLine product, you can connect with Hotel websites for managing direct bookings, affiliate bookings, channel bookings, and Hotel Booking App. All the room occupancy information is available in real-time and enhances business sales efficiently. The real-time central reservation system, outstanding booking tracker, quick reservation chart, and a single dashboard for effective statistics are the main benefits of Booking Engine within an establishment.

Channel Manager:- It is one of the main revenue-generating Products of MyHotelLine. Channel Manager works as an integrated software application that connects with OTAs(Online Travel Agents), websites, and other 3rd party sites to make a reservation for your hotel property. Single window dashboard, rate parity management, zero overbookings, and offer discounts to guests using with sophisticated tool. These channel manager offers real-time data to PMS in managing room reservation effectively and makes businesses profitable by selling them.

Mobile App:- MyHotelLine also has impeccable mobility options to serve you multi-platform needs for your organization. Digital table menu to place and take orders on tab or iPad, Kitchen Order Ticket accessibility, Hotel, and Restaurant Kiosk solutions, Guest Service Management, and Staff management are the main mobility features of this comprehensive PMS system. Every process is automatically programmed to keep everyone informed about their duties, timing, roles, and responsibilities that keep the operations of the organization in check.

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