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How to Generate Hotel Reports with a PMS?

by admin

Hotels are often quite large with hundreds of rooms spread over their property along with their numerous POS that operate within an organization. It’s important to manage and track their performance regularly. A Hotel PMS is used where all the information in the form of data can be added by supervisors, managers, and other employees of departments. Being cloud-based hotel PMS software is highly organized in generating reports and offering a rich experience for administration for making effective changes to improvise the system.

A Hotel PMS system can work smoothly to offer its insights on various reports in keeping with daily operations. Here are the most important reports generated by a hotel property management system.

Room Report

One report that Hotel requires regularly is the room reports. This will have the revenue generation from the last day, week, occupancy status, Average Room Revenue, arrivals, cancellation, amendments, and future forecast of rooms. It is further customized as per the need of the organization.

Hotel Arrival Report/Expected Departure Report

With the use of a Cloud Hotel Management Software, you can also generate a daily report of Guest activities with arrivals and departure information. This report can have specific particulars like guest name, type of the room, guest check-in/check-out, arrival/departure dates and time, etc. This gives useful information for the Front Office and Housekeeping staff to coordinate in making the rooms ready respectively.

Hotel Revenue Posted For the Day Report

This reports details the revenue earned from various resources in a single day. It is based on rooms, minibars, restaurants, events, and other POS inside a Hotel organization.

Hotel Occupancy Analysis Report

This daily report of hotel occupancy status has the right information based on the rooms available, rooms sold, the number of persons (pax), and their percentage to give managers an overview of the hotel bookings. Reports can also be customized as per the room revenue generated like early check-ins, no show charges, amendments, cancellation, early or late check-out, etc.

Hotel Trial Balance Reports

This report gives comprehensive information about the hotel Financial status on a given date. This report is divided into three ledger activities – guest, account receivable, and deposits.

Hotel Net Revenue Report

With this report, the administration can check the hotel Net Revenue after deducting the commission from various organizations, travel agents, etc. Reports can be customized for Specific sources and dates can be configured as per the requirements for week or months.

Hotel Reservation by Source

In this report from Hotel PMS Software, you will have room reservation records from multiple resources with travel agents, corporate, website, walk-ins, etc. Hotel PMS also offers information about the specific on check-in time, check-out time, hold till and temporary reservations, and future reservations to managing the operations accordingly.

Night Audit Reports

Another most important report generated using the hotel PMS is the Night Audit report. It contains all the operational and managerial reports of the last day. Revenue generated from all the rooms, restaurants, minibar, and all other resources. It also has several arrivals and departures for the last day and expectations for the next day to give directions to the next upcoming staff.

Hotel Manager Flash Report

This report built specifically for Hotel Manager has all the information regarding the complete hotel business for a selected day or duration along with rooms and multiple POS revenue. The number of rooms occupied, available, complementary, no-show, canceled, day use, out of order, maintenance, etc are there to give him Manager an oversight of the things going in the establishment.

Hotel Business and Market Analysis Report

In this analytics report hotel business for the current day is compared with the last year’s data. Thus using the historical data for checking the progress in terms of occupancy percentage, room revenue, tax, Average Room Rate, day use, room night, etc

Hotel Business and Market Analysis Report - MHL

A Hotel is a large organization that requires proficient management in every aspect. A Hotel PMS Software records each activity in building reports for that department. Every report & its performance is checked based on their values based on the past and current information. These reports help the administration to make plans for their future, build budgets, and make changes to enhance the overall system.

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