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How To Enhance Your Hotel Guest Experience

by admin

It is evident that satisfactory guest experience at the hotel is an important factor in reinforcing one’s brand’s reputation, retaining a competitive market position, and ensuring repeat bookings. The service industry is and always will be customer-centric and most demanding towards pleasant customer experience. In this social media era, when one has to cater to the needs of millennials, it is not anymore an easy game. Hoteliers need to go extra miles in every possible direction to fetch the best possible to enhance hotel guest experience.

Traditional Practices by Hotels to Provide a Pleasant Guest Experience

From welcoming the guest with a welcome drink on arrival to providing a pleasant customer experience throughout his stay. This is what hotels traditionally have been doing. This simple concept worked well because there was less competition and no social media interactions.

Let’s see how to make a good customer experience a delightful one…

Modern-day Best Practices by Hotels to Enhance Guest Experience

Today hotel guest satisfaction idea drives from the fact that everybody is on social media and constantly browsing every detail while planning a trip. So when your guests are present on social media, you have to be present there too. Therefore, it is very important for hoteliers to start Digital Marketing activities (SEO & SEM) to have a strong presence online. Try to create a mobile-friendly website, Add valuable content on the site (inside room pictures, view from room balcony pictures, etc.). post more “things to do locally” blogs, give them options to book activities from your website. This will help your guests to connect with you before they arrive at your hotel. Give them some hotel signature souvenirs like a pen or a note pad. Try to place a digital tablet in a guest room or at the counter to get customer feedback. Also, try to respond to this feedbacks. Give them customer loyalty points as per their stay, which they could use at their next stay. This will motivate them to come back again. Send them emails regarding upcoming offers, discounts, events, etc.

Nothing Extra is too Extra

Hotels that provide a memorable experience through unique amenities and complimentary services in the rooms are being rewarded with repeating guests. It is one of the effective ways for providing services that can make them talk about it to their acquaintances and as everyone these days is on social media, it can also help you with promotions even without affecting your marketing budget.

Nothing Extra is too Extra - MyHotelLine

It can be providing a good Wi-Fi connection, offering a complimentary champagne bottle for the newlyweds, small kids playing area, a free pickup/drop service to the airport, a short trip to the local attractions creating a gym and swimming area, or by rewarding a repeating guest, which will encourage their continued patronage and positive reviews.

Personalized Touch Improves Relationships, Always

Hotels can have few rooms where they can make a small kitchen and laundry equipment for guests traveling with small babies who can only eat home-cooked simple meals, for guests having a long stay or ones who miss their food or can’t have local/non-veg/outside food. You can have someone to get the coat for the guests, someone to operate the elevator, etc.

Having Enough Efficient Man Power

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in the hotel industry, this proverb won’t fit-in right because statistically saying approximately 90% communication is non-verbal. That means your outside looks and gestures speak for you first and then you yourself. Therefore, it is important that you have well trained, soft-spoken staff who knows how to maintain his/her hotel reputation in-front of guests.

Having Enough Efficient Man Power - MHL

    • Staff at Front Desk:- should takeout some time daily to look into everyday guest check-in lists and profiles and should greet each guest with a name. This makes guests feel special and gets a smile on their face. Front desk staff should always carry a smile themselves.
    • Porter/Bell Boy:- Hotel must have a helpful porter service to carry guest luggage right from the hotel door. He should be gentle with the luggage and polite in his tone.
    • Room Service Staff:- Room service people are the ones who almost daily have to connect with guests. Therefore, it is important that they interact well with them. They must listen to every detail and take prompt actions. This will help improve guest stay experience.

Technology Can Be a Game-changer

Hotels these days are starting to install smart room keys that allow guests to open their room doors just with a swipe of their smartphones. Tablets have also proven to be effective in linking the guests and the staff. While sitting in their beds, guests can now request in just a few clicks. And then that request will be directed to a staff member’s device and will be taken care of in no time.

Enhancing Guest Experience by Avoiding Process Related Glitches

For a hotel to be in a healthy position to manage guests, it becomes very crucial that it pays major attention to its processes. The smooth functioning of day to day chores, making sure that everything is in the control-from front desk, billing, inventory, staff shifts to channel management, etc. This is the reason why hoteliers today must have an automated system in a place that helps them smoothly run their business.

MHL provides you with a cloud-based hotel Property Management Software that comes with all end to end modules to cater to the needs of all types of properties. It helps you to streamline all your processes to give you a quick ROI. Since it is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about spending a big amount on hardware maintenance. Hotel Property Management System by MHL is budget-friendly and comes with a 24/7 customer support service. Take Free Demo Now.

If you would like to learn more about enhancing your hotel guest experience and utilizing technology to create a memorable customer experience, contact us and our team members will be shortly in touch.


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