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Difference between a Hotel PMS, Channel Manager, OTAs and Booking Engine

by admin

With new research and innovations driving this digital age, efficient use of modern technology offers a lot of prospects for Hotels to improve their daily operations, and enhance profitability. Each technology has its features and automates the information for better performance. With tHotel PMS

A Hotel Property Management System is one complete package of computerized software to manage all activities within an organization. You can connect multiple departments and their functions with F& B costing, room reservations, inventory or material management, financial accounts management, Guest management, Store management, Vendors, Human resources, and maintenance too.

In industry, it goes with different names such as Hotel Management System, Cloud PMS, Hotel Software system, Hotel Operating System or simply Hotel Software. These Hotel PMS have now become the backbone of proficient management. With cloud technology being integrated with these PMS, owners and administrators can check the status of any activity from anywhere using a smart device. Easily manage supervision, assign individuals for tasks, track their performance, and keep their business running smoothly.

Hotel PMS - MHL

These PMS also helps in Night auditing a process by which Hotels and other similar organization evaluate daily cash flow in and out from their accounts respectively. Point of Sale (POS) application to easily process billing of all products and services features of Hotels like Gym, clubs, room service, disc, lounge, spa, restaurant, or any specialty within an organization. Inventory Management to keep track and stocks of each item for their efficient usage within the system.

This new modern software is highly advanced and offer a lot of help in analyzing data, build reports, budgets, and bring future estimations for projected growth too.

Types of Hotel PMS

Server Based – These are installed and managed at Hotel premises with proper staff to manage their activities as well as keep them running at high costs, lacks integration, and a lot of overhead expenses.

Cloud-based – A complete cloud-based Hotel PMS that doesn’t require any IT staff for maintenance and streamline real-time information with easy access remotely to web browsers, mobile smartphones, and tablets.

Hybrid – A combination of both with some functions on-premises and others remotely. Multi-platform access is there to web browsers, mobiles, and tablets, however, it still requires a lot of maintenance and integration from both sides.

Channel Manager

Hotels often make reservations maintenance sources. A Channel Manager is the solution to manage all these resources from one automated software. Administrators can log in to this channel manager to make appropriate changes only in one system to be reflected in all others. You can manage all room rates and packages on multiple OTA’s or GDS from this channel manager easily rather than configuring each of them separately.

A hotel channel manager software system connects all OTAs, GDS, Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, and all others into one single dashboard for accepting reservations and streamlining real-time data to avoid any overbooking. This process keeps the process instantly provide room availability, rate parity, saves time, improves efficiency, and keeps operation hassle-free.

OTA (online travel agency)

OTA’s are 3rd party travel agency which helps travelers in making easy reservations of rooms and packages for their destinations. These agencies use their website or connected software to sell hotel rooms on their website to future guests. Guests often visit their site, see the room with features, compare rates, and availability for making a precise reservation on specific dates. This is called indirect booking for Hotel rooms, who then pays a specific commission to agencies for every reservation made from their website effectively. There can be numerous organization that offers travelers comprehensive packages for Solo, group, and family movements. Any Hotel can choose and select any OTA to enhance their Hotel room sale for any specific region.

Hotel Channel Manager Connects all OTA's - MHL

Booking Engine

Booking Engine as the name suggests allows a Hotel to make reservations directly from their website only. So this automated software allows the website to be seamlessly connected with a real central reservation system to make reservations for the selling room efficiently. Thus creating a direct booking and helps businesses to realize more revenue. All the guest details travel planning, and scheduling is there to secure all aspects of booking for Hotel rooms. Booking engines are also integrated with payment gateways to accept online transactions easily. So Guests visits the Hotel website for rooms, check their features, prices and can comfortably book room by paying online only. They will receive automatic emails for confirmed payment and reservation status thereof. So with a single dashboard, all information for booking from room availability, features, and payment can be done on the Hotel’s website using a well-managed Booking engine.

Booking Engine - MHL

A Hotel is a large establishment that requires multiple departments to work cohesively. These modern technologies provide them with a platform to work smoothly and help them manage their day-to-day activities. Although each of these four technologies has numerous benefits and is a standalone feature still an integrated software with all of them combined offers a more proficient and successful solution.

Integrated Hotel PMS needs to flexible, scalable, and operate at high performance to give business profits on a regular basis. MyHotelLine offers its complete Hotel PMS with integrated Channel Manager and Booking Engine to help businesses achieve new verticals with Guest experience, enhanced revenues, reservations, and a comprehensive system covering every aspect of the organizational activities.

New modern technologies have eased the process of automation and offer a lot of respites for Hotel businesses to keep them running at an optimum pace. These OTA’s, Channel Manager and Booking Engine all offer their unique benefits for Hotel. Using them from different vendors will further lengthen the maintenance and integration process. Smart software like MyHotelLine can offer you all these products in an integrated pack.

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