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10 Reasons You Should Replace Current Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Software.

by admin

If you are reading this, it’s highly likely that you are unhappy with your B&B’s PMS. You probably are contemplating changing the current Bed & Breakfast Software you have. If yours is a locally hosted property management system, you desperately need an upgrade. Contrastingly, if you do not have one, you need to pick a PMS soon. Up until a few years back, property management software suites were used by large hotels and hospitality brands. A common notion was that such tools required huge investments in IT and specialized resources.

Appreciatively, the scenario is not the same anymore. Today, there are multiple budget-friendly cloud-based Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Software suits and PMSs available in the market. Such tools are best suited for all-sized hotels and properties. For the records, choosing a best-fit hotel management software can actually make a huge difference in the way you manage your property. It can smoothen daily operations for your property – be it a Bed and Breakfast, a resort, or even an independent hotel. Most of your counterparts have begun their migration on to cloud-based hotel management software suites. If you also want to take this leap, don’t let too many questions trouble you. We have answered ten questions that are probably on your mind. Our reasons will surely help you choose the best hotel management software for your B&B Business.

Why should I invest in a Bed & Breakfast Software in the first place?

Constant doubts are deterring you from making a full and final purchase. Questions like “How will I train my staff? Will it double their workload?” are troubling you. In that case, you must consider investing in hotel management software because:

    • It will save precious time, thanks to automation
    • It will give you detailed reports with pinpoint accuracy
    • It will let you witness improved efficiency, cutting upon manual errors
    • It will boost your ongoing marketing, with the power of technology

How are such complex tasks accomplished? Insights retrieved within the PMS system, pertaining to the latest hospitality industry trends are saved. They can be analyzed to enable smart price forecasting. Further, guest data gathered from the intelligent ORM plugin can empower B& B owners to analyze and understand guest sentiments better. Accordingly, marketing campaigns can be re-strategized as per agile methodology, within such a volatile environment.

What software is best for my bed & breakfast business?

A property management software (PMS) will not bother about the size of your property. You can go for a cloud-based suite having a pay-as-you-go model. Such software will offer flexibility as you can choose a plan according to your business requirement. Let’s dive deep.

Best for my Bed & Breakfast Business

The market currently offers 2 types of hotel management software:

  1. On-Premise-based software:- These PMSs will store your hotel data locally in servers located in your office. They do not depend on the Internet and you need to pay for the whole software. You will own it entirely as well as have to pay an IT team for 24×7 support. That is an expensive affair and is not at all what is best suited for your bed & breakfast (B&B) business.
  2. Cloud-based hotel management software:- These are pocket-sized, faster, and more cost-efficient solutions. You need not invest in any IT support or hardware. Just choose a monthly payment plan. Your data is on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere across the globe through the PMS app/website. The best part is your plan will also cover training and support, making it the best possible option for your B&B.

The benefits of a good property management suite are unmatched when compared to traditional on-premise systems. Yet, before you purchase a web-based hotel management software, keep in mind that it has to seamlessly integrate with your current website or booking engine.

How will my staff efficiently use the new hotel management software?

As a B&B owner, you will reduce the time spent on complex and mundane administrative tasks. This software will automate daily bookings as well as update the same. You do not need a dedicated resource to make any more manual updates. Basically, a property management system will take care of your inventory, pricing, housekeeping tasks, accounting, salaries, and much more!

How will I train my hotel staff on the new bed & breakfast software?

Any computer literate person who knows how to use the internet, can navigate within and use the cloud-based property management system. You can set up multiple access levels basing their job roles. Every PMS comes with demo videos to help you pick up and start working on the online property management system. Most subscription plans have a 24 X 7 support service to address all your doubts. There is no need to pay for any additional training or support. A unified dashboard will let you view and get a clear overview of tasks. You can accordingly assign responsibilities to various levels of your staff.

Software upgrades can be a hassle. Should I pay for these?
Most cloud-based bed and breakfast systems come with free upgrades, 24×7 online product support, and a transparent pricing model. So, relax!

How will my sales and marketing benefit from Hotel PMS?

Cloud-based hotel property management systems render the finest features to hoteliers. They integrate seamlessly with sophisticated channel managers, as per your liking. This connection will foster the real-time distribution of your B&B or hotel room inventory. It will also manage rates across channels, which was earlier, a tough task to accomplish manually. Bookings made online will get automatically updated in the PMS of your choice. This will ultimately boost bookings and sales. Most property management systems connect with meta-search engines like TripAdvisor. They also send out automatic emails to collect guest feedback or reviews. Some of them come with an in-built ORM or online reputation manager. This feature handles the social media side of things for your B&B as well.

I’m expanding my hotel chain. Should I go for a new B&B software?

In case you have made up your mind to invest in a brand-new software, go with a highly flexible cloud-based property management system. Such a software suite will be able to handle a new property or more rooms in the system. There will be no software issues under any circumstances, guaranteed. Being a flexible cloud-based solution, it will be easy to use and you can expand or contract your plan as per your liking in the future. The best part is there is no need for further installations.

Can a cloud-based B&B software handle accounts smartly without errors?

A good Hotel PMS will be intelligent enough to handle multiple tasks powerfully. You can use it to transfer funds, plan budgets, manage invoices, handle payroll, and most importantly, generate reports.

Should I worry about external or 3rd party integrations as well?

Your B&B management software will come with all the required 3rd party integrations. These will include Global Distribution Systems or GDSs and Channel Managers. Some of them may also include payment gateways to ensure that you receive complete and secure payments on your website. A good PMS is secure enough to ensure all this and much more.

Will I be able to increase direct bookings with Bed & Breakfast software?

If yours is a small to mid-sized property like a B& B. you should be having a website. Guests looking up your website on Google will obviously make direct bookings. If you have a property management system in place that is already integrated with your website or booking engine, you will be able to capture booking details. Additionally, your PMS will handle OTA management to update prices and inventory across OTAs. This will maximize your reach and help you track bookings immediately. You can further generate reports to understand peak periods, and other business-critical details to strategize smartly. Hence, choose an appropriate software system for your B& B and meet your business needs smartly. A property management software will not only save you crucial time but also cut down costs. With the points listed above, we hope that you will be able to decide your final purchase.
Looking for top hotel management software online? You might want to see this. Drop us a mail or comment below if you have any questions about this write-up.

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