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7 Most Effective Ways To Boost International Booking For Your Hotel Rooms

by admin

One question that keeps owners & managers always interested is getting more and more bookings for their Hotel rooms. Marketers often bring creative ideas to get customer attention but Markets are often unpredictable and one needs to have precise information about the latest strategies to be on the right side when travel movements are low. Because Hotel needs daily bookings for their room to keep generating revenue and compete with other similar accommodations.

Hotels are now thoroughly using modern technologies to enhance their room sales. Building effective marketing strategies and executing them in parallel with data analysis to explore new user-base. They are helping businesses to be competitive in this challenging market scenarios. Here are some of the most effective ways to Boost your international Booking for Hotel Rooms.

Target Audience

With data from thousands of old booking, we can target our audience based on the geographical location, demographics, and occupation to further prioritize Hotel bookings. Guest data from PMS are now evaluated with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to get forecasted revenues for businesses. These analytics platforms also help in finding the right target audience and their specification for suggesting to Hotel administrators and owners respectively.
Target Audience - MyHotelLine
Social Media in today’s modern age has also opened a plethora of opportunities in the newer markets to explore and attract more bookings for your Hotel room respectively. With global reach, Hotels use their luxurious stay, packages, and testimonials to entice newer guests to their accommodation respectively. These platforms also offer customized target audience to attract more visitor to your platforms. Google Hotel Ads is another business-specific strategy offered by Search engine giants to help businesses connect with millions of users online every day. They target the audience based on the search keywords, location, and demographics to attract more bookings for your international hotels.

Knowing your Clientele

The first thing you should research is about the type of clientele your hotel serves to. Whether it is a downtown hotel, resort, lodge, Holiday and Family condos, Highway motels or near to any major traveling point. Transit Hotels near the Airport or Bus stand will have shorter stays while in the hill station resorts may have longer stays. And most of the marketing strategies are built around client needs only. So one must thoroughly study the guest backgrounds to start with their marketing strategies to attract towards Hotel booking.

Know your Hotel unique property selling points

Every hotel has specific benefits or unique selling which they can use for their advantage. These points must be highlighted in their advertisements and guests repeatedly to get the right attention. It could be special spa services, room with balconies, spectacular services, banquet space & arrangements depending on the location of the hotel. As location will have a major impact on the Hotel marketing strategies.

Using Data Analysis

With highly sophisticated Cloud PMS now integrated with Hotels. Data from previous guest history locations, demographics, and occupation can be used to form analysis. These reports and evaluations can then be strategically used to build marketing strategies to work on more target audience. MyHotelLine is one immaculate Hotel PMS that offers an integrated channel manager, booking engine, Restaurant POS and mobility options.
Data Analysis - MyHotelLine

Attracting Users with Websites, Mobile designs, and optimized landing pages

Encourage Direct booking from the website with simplifying reservation and booking process. Today’s websites are fast loading time and SSL secured to offer them optimized experience for International Travellers. Optimized Landing Page showcasing hotel values for their luxurious stay, events, and exhibitions space gives businesses inside know-how to book them accordingly. Get Mobile Savy Web Designs to explore new age generations, smartphone users.

Sales and Discounted Offers

Hotels will encourage different measures for Call to Action with discounted e-mails, templates, and posters. Hotels also use the guest mailing lists to come with Personalised plans based on their spending, stay, and company profile. Event-Based promotions like weddings, conferences, and exhibitions also attract a lot of guest movement. Special Group Rates and Weekday prices also give more enthusiastic opportunities for guests to make discounted offers. Loyal guests are also offered extra stays and special tours to keep them feel privileged and satisfied in every aspect.

Customer Retention strategy

Hotels also strategically plan for customer retention to enhance its user base. They must Encourage and Testimonials Reviews to entice guests about their luxurious stay in the hotel premises. Hotels also introduce guests to Loyalty programs for rewarding them for their every expense and reap huge rewards on reaching specific targets.

Customer Retention Strategy - MyHotelLine

Retargeting is one of the foremost marketing strategies that Hotels are using these days to target customers with similar interests. These are the online customers who have visited your site and checked your rooms, services. They are more likely to book hotel rooms and have the highest return on investment (ROI). New programmatic and bid based advertising is also showing a remarkable result to be included in marketing strategies.


Hotel Booking including room sales is the major source of revenues. Administrators, Managers, and owners must build strategies using the past and present scenarios. Mixing multiple strategies will help them to not depend on any single factor allowing them to focus on several sources for reservations.

With new technology, a guest wants to enjoy more personal treatments and book hotels they get the right experience for. Reviews and testimonials along with retention strategies like Guest Loyalty services are now part of every Hospitality establishment.

MyHotelLine is one of the most comprehensive Cloud PMS today that integrated multiple software of Hotel PMS, Restaurant POS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and offer mobility options to work on multiple modern devices to ease the operations in an effective way.

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